Welcome to the Mooresville, NC Time Bank!

We have JUST started the Mooresville Time Bank and are still in the learning/building phase. It may take a little bit of time to get enough people involved to get this ball moving, but once it does, I expect great things! Thank you for your support and willingness to get involved with each other!  There are plenty of needs, and we all have something to offer!

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi what a great idea! Our homeschool group was just pondering a similar idea exchanging mentorships for kids and adults. Small business owners or people that are good at something can teach others who want to learn.I forwarded the info to them. Thanks!

  2. I read about Ithaca hours years ago and thought it would be a great idea for York. And, here you’ve done it! Good on you 😀

  3. This sounds great! Years and years ago my husband and I were in a barter system through his work and it was helpful but without the internet it was hard to track things. This should work.

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